I started this site a few years ago with the idea that it would catalog my dad's record collection as seen through my eyes. A virtual imprint of the real thing, a tool to share music history and the act of passing said history down from generation to generation.

With limited technological skills (and a very limited budget), this site is utilitarian in its design. More of a blog than a true representation of his record collection, it feels very close to what I originally envisioned. Close enough. I'll take it.

But oh. This. This is what I wanted it to be. What an incredible design and what a great way to present an album collection on the web. Whomever designed this virtual interpretation of John Peel's record collection deserves a Nobel Prize. I don't care how many fresh-water wells someone has dug, or land mines they've detonated, or immunizations they've given to migrant farmers. This has changed the world. Bravo sir or madam, bravo.

The Space [ found via Gizmodo ]