Like many born after the seventies happened, the only Artful Dodger I had heard of was the one who briefly dueted with Craig David, the British R&B star who can't stop singing his own name. Then my dad showed me this record, and while the cover's a bit, um, posed, these guys really cut it loose. The title track is perfect jukebox fodder for slamming back a few Genny Cream Ales with your mining buddies. Keep A'Knockin is a Little Richard cover that somehow sounds like a Zeppelin B-side. Maybe it's because Led Zeppelin songs are mostly ripoffs anyway.

Give this album a try. Especially if you like Thin Lizzy, Big Star, or Badfinger.

UPDATE: My friend who is a DJ (come on we all have at least one) played Artful Dodger at Piano's downtown. People DUG it. This stuff is timeless! (and drunk people like everything!)

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