Dad's Records  Celebrates Almost-Anniversary!!!

As Dad's Records marches forward toward its one-year anniversary, I thought I might share some exciting news with you. The most important ingredient of this website is, obviously, the music...that wonderful stuff stored within the tight grooves of a 33. When I throw on a record to digitally record it, I use several electronic devices - a turntable, an amplifier, and, of course, the computer to record it.

While it is a simple process, I do everything I can to maximize the clarity of the music; from cleaning the records and stylus thoroughly to digitally adjusting the recording levels for every album I record. So far, the sound quality of these files has been pretty darn good.

However, this past week I made a major upgrade to my recording process. I replaced my old turntable with a brand new Pro-Ject 1.3 belt-driven genie!  
While not a super high-end record player, the Pro-Ject 1.3 is a definite upgrade over the old turntable that was used previously at Dad's Records. And after a week of test-driving, it's very clear to me that this new player is superior in every way to its predecessor. Not only that, it's HOTTTTT.

So I hope you continue to enjoy Dad's Records, and know that the effort is being made in every little way to make sure these records are preserved accurately, honestly, and beautifully. Enjoy!

- N.W.

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