I, Splotchy's Food & Drink Mix...

If you're not familiar with hilarious blog of "I, splotchy," then I suggest you blog roll it STAT. One of my favorite features of splotchy's blog is the Green Monkey Music Project, in which themes are announced, players are named, and a mix is made. It's good fun.

Anyways, dadsrecords contributed to the last mix. The theme was "Food & Drink." Here are my picks. You can find my portion, and the rest of the mix HERE.

And now...on with the picks...

ADAM GREEN salty candy

This guy is like a wonderful whimsical idiot genius. His songs don’t often make sense (or do they???), but they’re always funny. I hope that’s his intention. Otherwise, things just got weird....er.


BLITZEN TRAPPER  gold for bread
Great track on an all around great album. If you haven’t heard the album’s title track, Furr, do yourself a favor. It’s “Best of” worthy. (best of 2009, best of Blitzen Trapper, best of most music)

THE CURE mint car
This song is happy Cure, if that’s a thing. It’s also full of Robert Smith’s patented non-verbal exclamations, which I have a real soft spot for.

GEORGE THOROGOOD one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer
A hardcore drinking song. And bourbon/beer combo is my third favorite combo (2 is The Dark Knight Returns w/ the Melvins’ Houdini. 1 is pizzeria/pretzel.)

MINUTEMEN jesus and tequila
Like a bizarre punk Captain Beefheart song, this tune is funky, fresh, and makes me want to drink some Jesus. I mean…

CAKE nugget
So this song might be the best song ever written about chicken mcnuggets. You don’t think so? Well, you know what? Shut the F#&* up.

DANGERDOOM mincemeat
I wanted to write that this is an often overlooked album, but I’m not sure that it is. But it’s an album based on Adult Swim characters, produced by DangerMouse (of Grey Album fame) and MF Doom on the mic. I’d say it’s pretty essential for anyone living in the now/know.

Hey college version of me! This song isn’t that good! What’s that? You don’t care because you just started drinking beer and think that it makes you cool? Oh, okay. Well, you’ll get over it.