It's been a while since I've been floored by a song, but when I was home for Christmas and my dad played me "Evil Woman" from Spooky Tooth's masterpiece, Spooky Two, I was completely and utterly blown away. This song rocked so hard, it made me sad. Sad that this song wasn't a part of my life sooner.

If you've never heard of Spooky Tooth, count yourself among the millions. They were a blues rock band based out of England in the late sixties through the seventies. Most all of their members found greater success elsewhere. Bassist Greg Ridley left the group to join Humble Pie, guitarist Luther Grosvenor left to join Stealer's Wheel (while changing his name to Ariel Bender), and lead singer/keyboardist Gary Wright is probably most famous for penning "Dream Weaver" in 1976.

But in 1969 they released Spooky Two, their sophomore album, and their masterpiece. My dad picked this one out for me, and I was pretty sure he hadn't listened to this record in at least twenty years. It had that clean vinyl sheen. We threw on Evil Woman, and wow. Just wow.

[ mp3 ]: Spooky Tooth - Evil Woman