Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)


I've already written a little something about Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, which remains one of my favorite Neil albums of all time. His first with Crazy Horse, it's a fitting place to start off the WEEK OF NEIL.

The first Neil Young song my dad every played for me was "Cortez the Killer," which I think is a really ballsy choice on his part. It's like introducing someone to sushi by giving them raw eel. Thank god I loved it. (The song, I mean. I still hate eel. They're the snakes of the sea. Why woud you eat that?)

Obviously Cinnamon Girl and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere are highlights, but if you spend enough time with this record, you realize that every single one of the tracks has something worthwhile in it. Whether it's the haunting violin in Running Dry (Requiem For the Rockets), or the warbly vocals of Cowgirl In the Sand, the epic guitar in Down By the River, or yes, the killer riff in Cinnamon Girl, it's hard not to listen to this thing all the way through once you start.

[ mp3 ] Neil Young - Round and Round (It Won't Be Long)

[ mp3 ] Neil Young - Running Dry (Requiem For the Rockets)

Needless to say, this one gets five out five for both me and my dad. As will most of Neil's stuff. Buy this album here.


5 / 5 DADS

5 / 5 SONS

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