When your band is named something like Quicksilver Messenger Service, I suppose you have no choice but to self-title your debut album. The band I played with in high school would have had a self-titled debut called, Looking For Stuff With Elaine. But we only had enough material for an E.P.

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Looking For Stuff With Elaine was a three piece rock band consisting of my childhood best friend, Ethan Kaye on keyboards, the elusive and mysterious Derek Burger on rhythm guitar, and yours truly on lead guitar. We all took care of vocals, but Derek was definitely the lead singer. Now, I was probably the least talented among the three. Derek was a born songwriter and vocalist, and Ethan played the keyboard with preternatural ease. When I describe myself as 'lead guitar,' that means that I knew the pentatonic scale, and was a first class noodler. Such wandering, aimless solos!

Anyway, we were basically a classic rock band. We covered the songs that you see much older men playing these days at bars with names like The Rusty Nail, or The Carriage House. We covered Pink Floyd (a lot), David Bowie, even Phil Ochs.

How did sixteen year olds get into their dad's music? Simple. Ethan and I would create mix tapes consisting entirely of Songs You've Never Heard. The challenge was to have an entire Maxell 90 minute tape filled with tunes, none of which could be in the least way familiar. This is how I first heard Jethro Tull, The Rutles, Taj Mahal, even the Rutles! (which I mentioned already, but come on, The Rutles!)

Ten years later, as I am slowly unearthing my Dad's records, I throw on Quicksilver Messenger Service. The needle slides to track three - Dino's Song. As soon as I hear the first riff...I know where I've heard this song before. I just never remembered the name.

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10/27/2009 11:35:38 am

I love how you use to make mix tapes of "songs you've never heard." Brings me back to my childhood.


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