When my Dad first handed me this record, I thought, "Great! Saved By the Bell, the album! I'm going to love this - can't wait till Jesse duets with Mr. Belding." (Come on. That cover is ridiculous.) But all tired references to pop cultures favorite not-good-thing aside, this album is not what you'd expect. At all.

If you knew that Rockpile was Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds' touring band in the late seventies, and they were selling out stadiums and everyone was expecting this album to even better than it was, then you must have been alive back then, and probably find my whole blog project fairly trite. You win.

But for a guy who hadn't heard a Nick Lowe song until he discovered Pure Pop For Now People (ne Jesus of Cool) in his dad's record collection, Seconds of Pleasure is awesome. From start to finish. Great songs delivered with great energy. That Nick Lowe...he's on to something....

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