I got a decent amount of feedback regarding my last post about Steve Forbert, so thought I'd follow up with his second record, Jackrabbit Slim. This is considered by many to be the best Forbert record, and it was certainly the most successful commercially. Romeo's Tune was his only top 20 hit, the piano riff as catchy as a Beyonce jingle, poetic lyrics with spot on vocals. Definitely a mix-tape keeper.

[mp3]: Steve Forbert - Romeo's Tune

The song is written so well, it even survived a Keith Urban mauling:
Really not that bad. But I do hate that guy's fake southern accent.

So Romeo's Tune is a great lead-off track, and the record is consistently good from top to bottom. Another highlight is Say Goodbye to Little Jo:

[mp3]: Steve Forbert - Say Goodbye to Little Jo
There's not much more I can say about this record, other than it's spot on. I've noticed that Forbert has been touring recently, albeit to small venues in smaller towns. You can actually catch him this Thursday in New Hope, PA.Has anyone seen his show recently? Let me know if he's worth catching in the comments. Perhaps all the Forbert fans from this site can organize a trip.

- N.W.

Other listening highlights
: Wait, January 23-30 1978
t baer
12/13/2009 06:07:09 am

if you have the chance go to see him. Easily one of the top live solo performances on a consistent basis; ive seen steve at least 40 times in the past thirty years and I have yet to see a bad show. One of the last in a dying breed!

12/13/2009 06:47:37 am

t bear is absolutly spot on rigt. never a mailed in show in over 30 yrs. he'll make you feel like you just visited an old friend when you leave. do not miss a chance to see Steve Forbert live, EVER.

12/13/2009 07:03:14 am

Wow. Thanks guys. You've turned his next date in the NYC area from "perhaps" to a "most def." I'm also psyched that he plays smaller venues. That's more my jam these days...

12/13/2009 11:45:12 pm

Absolutely most definitely, and please give us a report. I should also take time to recommend Young, Guitar Days, an outstanding collection of previously unreleased songs from Forbert's early years. Truly a stunning body of work.


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