Rick James - Street Songs (1981)

I was twelve years old and all I wanted was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Donatello, to be specific. He was the one with the purple mask who fought with a long stick, called a "bo." He also was supposed to be the most intelligent and thoughtful ninja turtle, and was also responsible for designing their technology, a la Panthro and the Thundercats. Like all Miss America contestants, I was a nerdy kid, and Donatello had me at "cowabunga."

The Donatello action figure in question retailed at Kay-Bee Toys for $5.99. As a twelve year old, money was still hard to come by. I relied on a fledgling lawn-care company called S&N Landscaping that I had started with my brother for all of my coin. At five cents per fallen pinecone plucked from a lawn, S&N remains to this day the most successful business I've ever started.

My father was with me as I admired Donatello from the cramped aisle full of Transformers, GI Joes, and Starcom figures. I held a ten dollar bill tightly in my fist, buried warmly in the pocket of my Philadelphia Eagles Starter jacket.

"It's going to be close to seven dollars with the tax."

"I know, Dad."

"Well, if you want him, get him. But seven dollars is a lot of money."

"I know, Dad!"

"I just want to make sure that you've thought about this and this is what you want to spend your seven dollars on."

I still own Donatello. His right foot was gnawed off by our small-skulled dachschund somewhere in my teens, but the turtle lives. He will soon be inherited by my young nephew, who is part of a new generation of Ninja Turtle fans. Twenty years after my dad made me ask if the $5.99 was worth it, I can honestly say - it was. 

So, Dad. How much did you pay for this Rick James album?

- N.W.

[ mp3 ]: Rick James - Give It To Me Baby

[ mp3 ]: Rick James - Superfreak
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2/5/2013 09:45:40 pm

Love the Ninja Turtle inspired post :)

2/14/2013 07:29:54 am

Rick James is great! But Ninja Turtles? WAY better!

5/2/2013 12:26:20 am

Rick James - Street Songs (1981)
Tremendous things here, Fantastic write-up. Could you keep writing?!


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